What Is Breast Cancer? – Important Facts to Know

Breast cancer is a type of cancer which generally begins inside the mammary gland. The ducts themselves are hollow tubes in the breast which carry breast milk from the nipple to the milk duct. Some cancers can begin in either the lobules or the modular components. The most common form of breast cancer (over 80%) is found in women above the age of fifty. It is estimated that approximately two million women in America alone have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The majority of these cases are diagnosed as having the “stage I” cancer.

When most people hear the term “breast cancer”, they assume that it involves all the cells of the mammary glands and surrounding tissue. The breast cancer cells themselves, although very small in number, can be quite large, potentially reaching into other areas of the body. Although this is true, most forms of breast cancer will not spread to another part of the body unless it is large enough to be able to do so.

What is it to ask if a woman has breast cancer? First, the doctor will examine the mammary glands, the surrounding tissue and the ducts. This is done to determine the specific type of cancer that has begun. If the doctor determines that the cancer has spread to another part of the body then that is when the physician will begin treating it.

Once the doctors have determined that what is called the “stage I” cancer has started, it is the responsibility of the patient and her family to take charge of their health and treatment. The patient must make sure that she is following the recommended treatments, as any delay will only cause additional damage to herself. It is also essential that the patient and her family understand the importance of regular mammograms.

As a result of a diagnosis of cancer, there are many treatment options available. Many patients opt to undergo surgery in order to remove the cancerous cells from the body as well as to relieve pain and decrease the risk of spreading the cancer. Another option that can be used in conjunction with surgery is radiation therapy which is usually used in combination with surgery.

Although the earlier that the cancer is diagnosed, the more likely the chance of successful treatment, it is still very important to understand that what is breast cancer? is a very common condition and that it can be cured by early detection.

There are many ways in which a patient can be monitored and treated for what is breast cancer, including hormone replacement therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is essential for women to understand the options that are available for them, as early detection and treatment are always key.

Understanding what is breast cancer is the first step in knowing how to fight this disease. For information on diagnosis and treatment you can go online and find a number of resources that can give you the information that you need. You will also find that a reputable cancer specialist will be able to give you information on what is breast cancer.

An important part of prevention is being aware of your body and how it works. For example, any time that you experience symptoms such as pain in the breasts, difficulty in moving your nipple or if your nipple is too hard, this is a warning sign that something may be wrong. Any woman who is experiencing any of these symptoms should immediately see a doctor and they should also inform you of their condition and how to best treat it.

A woman who has a positive self-diagnosis of breast cancer will be able to look for early signs of breast cancer. It is important for a woman to stay aware of her body, so that she will be able to identify any changes in her body, and how to recognize any changes in her health. As a result of a healthy diet and regular exercise, she is able to keep herself strong and remain fit.

Women need to learn to care for themselves and take good care of themselves so that they can have the best possible health. Learning about what is breast cancer is important for everyone, but especially for women and men who may be struggling with this condition. Knowing the basics of breast cancer and how to cope with it is an important step toward a healthier and better life.